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Increase your TOEFL Speaking score by 27% in 2 weeks with instant data from SpeechRater™

Take 18 free practice TOEFL Speaking tests. Access the secret data ETS uses to score TOEFL Speaking responses.

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A truly fantastic tool

SpeechRater is a truly fantastic tool, giving me close to ETS TOEFL test speaking scores and allowing me to find out my low points. Thanks.

Yasin Khamosh

ETS's SpeechRater Scoring Engine

SpeechRater is the same technology that scores your TOEFL Speaking responses on test day, so you know it's valid and reliable.

John Healy

I trust My Speaking Score

I trust My Speaking Score. No one else delivers a more convenient or reliable Speech Rater score.

Josh MacPherson

Clearly actionable data

My Speaking Score makes it possible for teachers to add clearly actionable data and analysis to their tool kit.

Michael Goodine

A lifesaver

It has allowed me to identify my weaknesses and work towards achieving my desired score. I would highly recommend that all TOEFL test-takers.

Yara Kannab Sawaya

An excellent platform

The feedback is tailored and helps to understand what is missing to achieve a good score.

Gabriel Victor da Silva

Extremely useful

My Speaking Score shows how just a few words can be changed to increase a score instantly! Quick, easy, and extremely useful. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Pieniazek

Unbelievably great

I think this website is very useful and absolutely I can recommend anyone who has low scores at speaking.


Improvement quickly

I practiced according to the feedback from the SpeechRater reports, as well as the tips given from your side.


I got 26!

I was having problems with TOEFL® Speaking - but I couldn't figure out what. After seeing my SpeechRater™ data on My Speaking Score, everything became clear.


I got 27!

My overall TOEFL Speaking score is the same I was getting on your website and it’s indeed a very useful tool to practice tests and to get scores.


I trust this website

I trust TOEFL Speaking prep because of the SpeechRater reports and realistic tests. John is proactive; his response is really quick.

Rajni Kumari

Amazing discovery

Your speaking score website will be going to be a great tool for students like us, who have been struggling with TOEFL for years without knowing the exact reason.

Blessy Rachel

Confidence booster

I used MySpeakingScore for TOEFL prep, greatly improving through quick feedback and insightful lessons. Fast, helpful support resolved my query, boosting my confidence. Thanks for the exceptional experience

Yael Benninga


My Speaking Score was crucial in achieving my TOEFL speaking goal of 26. It pinpointed my weaknesses, allowing for targeted improvement through its reliable AI scoring and detailed feedback.

Mina Botros

Incredibly helpful

The website is perfect, and John is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend using it.

Mohamed Abdelmaksoud

Authentic and licensed

It is a wonderful platform which I found very very helpful for my preparation. I suggest everyone to use this as it is authentic and licensed!

Souryadeep Chakrabarty

Very insightful

My Speaking Score significantly enhanced my speaking skills. Initially, I thought my accent hindered my TOEFL performance. However, the platform revealed other areas needing improvement, leading to my achieving a score of 26 in TOEFL iBT.

Ana Maria Daciana Sovaila

A game-changer!

My Speaking Score is a game-changer! Its recent interface improvements and personalized feedback approach are exceptional. The tailored feedback precisely identifies improvement areas, and the support team is fantastic. Highly recommended!

Mohammadreza Yazdanifar

Essential for test prep

The site offers unlimited practice, evaluations, guidelines, and 24/7 support, making it essential for test preparation. Special thanks to John Healy for invaluable navigation help and study plan advice.

Ket Keti

Unbelievably great

You won't be disappointed with this platform. Initially hesitant about the investment, I found the system effective, offering essential feedback. The lessons are clear and practical for the real test, focusing on strategies over memorization.

Alejandra Lenis

Dream score

This website is helping me a lot. I have my TOEFL exam in 7 days, it really help me to understand my speaking flow, which should I improve and so on. With this website, anyone can achieve their dream score.

Ahmed Tajmim Noor

I like it

I like your website speaking score so much. Thanks a lot for the huge effort. I highly appreciate.

Atif Shamoun

Improvement quickly

It's a great platform for refining speaking skills, enhancing English proficiency, and providing feedback on areas to improve, helping boost your score.

Sonali Gondhule

I got 26!

My Speaking Score is an excellent platform for both students and teachers. For foreign pharmacists needing a score of 26+ in the Speaking Section, it's a valuable tool for study.

Cristina Coadă

Different TOEFL Speaking Prep

My Speaking Score is so DIFFERENT! It's also a much better - way to prepare for TOEFL Speaking. I stop hitting my head on the wall and use data to see what I need to do to improve my score.

Kahlen Kim

I got 28!

Just got my TOEFL results and I got 28 in my Speaking! It is really helpful to get feedback from the actual AI system that ETS uses. It is a 5 point improvement since the first time I did the practice.


I got 27!

Just to let you know that I got 27 in the last week’s test, and thank you so much for all your kind help!!! I think the score is very close to the practice results on your website and it’s indeed a very useful tool!!!


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AI-Powered TOEFL Speaking Practice Tests

Our users increase their TOEFL® Speaking scores by 27.3% in 15 days. Here are the enormous benefits of being data-driven.


Free TOEFL Speaking tests in 2 modes

Take tests in AI Assist mode to practice and learn and Real mode to simulate your test-day experience in the TOEFL Speaking section.

Instant scores and data.

SpeechRater scores your TOEFL Speaking

ETS's AI-powered scoring engine is the exact same technology that scores all of your TOEFL Speaking responses on test day.

Trust SpeechRater reliability and accuracy.




TOEFL Speaking Practice for the AI Era

Our data-driven approach to TOEFL Speaking prep has captured the attention of the global education community.




Trusted TOEFL® Speaking scores in 55 seconds flat.

My Speaking Score's mission is to be the most trusted site for TOEFL Speaking practice anywhere.

  • The only platform in the world devoted exclusively to TOEFL® Speaking prep
  • Students and teachers use My Speaking Score’s speech assessment tools & the ETS® SpeechRater™ scoring engine to:
  • understand weaknesses in Fluency, Language Use, and Topic Development
  • diagnose TOEFL Speaking problems
  • estimate TOEFL Speaking scores
  • prepare for the TOEFL iBT

  • Yes, but sometimes they come back even faster 🙂

  1. Select any TOEFL® Speaking practice test
  2. Record your audio responses to task questions using your mic
  3. Submit the responses you want to get scored by SpeechRater™
  4. Analyze your SpeechRater™ score data
  5. Repeat

  • SpeechRater™ is the automated scoring system for the spontaneous speech of English language learners used operationally in the Speaking section of the TOEFL® iBT
  • TOEFL® Speaking responses are scored by both SpeechRater™ and human raters when you take the TOEFL® test

  • Complete SpeechRater™ reports cost as little as $2.18 each learn more

  • No, never. My Speaking Score maintains the confidentiality of your personal information.
  • We assign a unique identifier to your audio and text responses, allowing them to be evaluated by ETS without disclosing any personal details.

  • Both platforms use SpeechRater and e-rater.
  • My Speaking Score focuses on TOEFL Speaking with a data-driven, detailed feedback approach, emphasizing pronunciation and personalized analytics.
  • My Speaking Score has 12 SpeechRater dimension scores.
  • TestReady offers a broad learning suite, integrating official resources and new products for a comprehensive, engaging TOEFL prep experience, including personalized study plans and performance tracking.
  • TestReady has 9 SpeechRater dimension scores.